In this PDF you learn how to fully automate your publicity efforts in order to get the media to chase you without having to waste hours of time and resources chasing after them.
This EXACT template has gotten my clients featured in:
In This FREE template You'll Learn...
Crafting The Pitch
Crafting the perfect pitch in the right way to attract media attention and share a story they care about and want to write about.
Spreading The Story
How to get that pitch in front of every media outlet you've ever dreamed of being on by getting it to the right person at each outlet.
Full Automation
Doing all of the above without having to lift a finger after initial setup.  Once it's built you will have media outlets chasing you instead of you chasing them.
After setup, you will have an automated strategy that is pitching your story to the media 24/7 without you having to lift a finger or hire a PR firm.
This automation has led to my clients getting in front of the following amounts of people in the last 90 days:
All without them having to lift a finger, the media came to them...
What Our Clients Say About Us:
Hey, my name is Andrew O'Brien A.K.A "The Publicity Guy".  I help Entrepreneurs create international recognition and become the top leading authorities in their industry by tapping into the super-power of Large Scale Media.

The Publicity Automated Campaign is something that myself and my team use on a daily basis to get features for my clients (Over 70 interviews in the last 4 months).  My team is comprised of previous Editor's from Entrepreneur Magazine that helped me come up with this strategy.

If you don't want to take advice from me, take it from my team who used to work at one of the largest business publications and get HUNDREDS of pitches on a DAILY basis.  These are the ones that would work on them.

Without this strategy you're just going to be wasting your time trying to figure out how to get the media to recognize you as an expert so you can stand out above your competition.
"You can spend your life quoting top influencers to motivate your audience, or you can become the top influencer people quote to motivate their audience."
                                                          -  Andrew O'Brien
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